About Our Paper

All our papers are 100% plastic free and 100% biodegradable.

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We offer three different varieties of seed paper: Lux, Bloom and Royal

Lux seed paper comes in 130gsm and 200gsm and has an off-white, almost ivory colour. It has a lower growth success rate as it is machine finished but it's strength lies within the great quality and beautiful texture and finish. We use the 200gsm variety for all printed material. Seed options: 200gsm - Wildflower mix (poppy, daisy, rudbeckia and forget me not), Poppy, Daisy, Rudbeckia and Lavender. 130gsm - Wildflower mix. 

Bloom seed paper comes in 200gsm approx, whiter in colour it has a more rustic finish. Air dried to offer the highest growth rate. It is handmade using residual cotton from the textile industry, that means old clothes are turned into paper, mixed with seeds and Bloom is the result! Seed options may vary by season but include: Wildflower mix (varies by batch but can include poppy, daisy, forget me not, babys breath), Alyssum, Poppy, Daisy, Marigold, Tomato, Carrot, Chili, Thyme, Basil and herb mix. 

Royal seed paper is 250gsm approx, white in colour and highly populated with seeds. Air dried and made in the oldest mill in the UK, it offers a high growth success rate. The luxurious finish and wide range of seeds in the mix makes it our most exclusive paper, perfect for weddings. Seed options: Wildflower mix only (including: Corn Flower, Red Fescue, Corn Marigold, Meadow Grass, Corn Poppy, Corn Chamomile). 

Rainbow seed paper is simply bloom paper but in rainbow colours. We only offer the option of wildflowers mix (varies by batch but can include poppy, daisy, forget me not, babys breath) but you can choose from 5 bright and cheerful colours: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. It comes in 200gsm approx. It is handmade using residual cotton from the textile industry, using only textiles in the colour needed to achieve the final colour of the paper, no dyes are used. 

* Our Wildflower Mixes contain seeds from the following flowers; Poppy, Daisy, Rudbeckia, Black-Eyed Susan, Forget Me Not amongst others. These are all British native species and our paper has been certified under the RHS Plants for Pollinators scheme.

If your priority is the look of the paper we recommend you go for Lux, but if what really matters to you is having a higher chance of the seeds blooming, Bloom is your best bet. If you want luxury and high-end, Royal is for you. Whichever you choose, don't forget they are all a more eco-friendly alternative to standard papers. 

To grow: submerge in 5mm of water and keep in natural light. After a few days or weeks, the seeds will start sprouting. Transfer to a pot with compost. Alternatively, soak in water for 24-48 hours and transfer to compost before seed sprout. Water regularly - never let it dry, but also be careful not to overwater! Warm temperatures and sunshine are a huge help in getting the seeds started. Please bear in mind that, as with everything in nature, many factors will come into play. While we cannot guarantee success, your seeds should sprout if looked after properly.



Handmade in India from elephant poo and cotton fibres, each sheet of this paper is so specially unique in colour and texture as elephant poo can change depending on each elephant's age and diet. Using the poo to make paper provides a source of income for the elephant sanctuaries that our makers work with. This paper is a thinner card (180gsm) although each sheet will vary as they are hand made. They are a great novelty option for kids stationery, father's day cards, businesses that work with animals and much, much more!


Our ECO cotton range is our newest eco friendly paper addition. The base cotton is made from waste from the textile industry - from old tshirts to socks, dresses and even jeans! These papers are not only a more eco friendly alternative to standard paper but also add an extra touch of uniqueness at an affordable cost without having to cut down more trees as they are 100% tree-free. 

Choose from plain white, green, grey, denim (made from old jeans!), coffee grains, corn husk, lemongrass or jute. Each has its own unique colour and texture. 

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