Frequently Asked Questions

What is plantable paper?

Plantable seed paper is paper that has been embedded with seeds with the aim of being able to re-use the paper after it has fulfilled its purpose. Rather than going to waste, you can plant it and with the right care, you should see the seeds sprount into lovely plants. The paper itself is 100% biodegradable.

Will my paper grow?

As with everything in nature, many factors will come into play such as weather, temperature, sunshine, watering, etc. With the right care, your paper can sprout and grow.

What seeds are in the wildflower mix paper?

The mix in our wildflower papers may vary by batch but will include seeds like poppy, daisy, rudbeckia, forget me not, baby's breath, black-eyed susan.

When should I order my wedding stationery?

Every couple is unique and may want to work to different timescales, but we've put together a handy guide that you can find here!

Will I receive a proof before printing?

If you have purchased one of our designs you will receive proofs and nothing will get printed until we have your full approval. If you ordered "Your own design" items, then no proofs will be provided as we expect to receive ready to print artwork.

How long will my order take?

We ask for 7-12 business days for production from final approval of proofs or receipt of final artwork if providing your own. We try to be as quick as possible without compromising on quality. Please bear in mind this does not take into account shipping time.

Can I print photos on your paper?

The short answer is yes, however we do strongly advise against it. Not only does a photograph completely cover the paper which is beautiful and unique and should, in truth, be the star of the show, but ink also reduces chances of seed growth. Furthermore, seed paper being quite uneven which means we cannot guarantee perfect prints on all pieces. We do our best but it can be tricky!

How is the paper made?

Most of our papers are hand made in the traditional ways and air dried to give maximum chances of seed growth. Lux seed paper is machine finished which allows for the smooth texture that has made it a favourite amongst our customers.

Can I get paper samples?

You can order a sample pack here.

Will every sheet be exactly the same?

Our paper is made by hand, therefore there may be a slight variation in the thickness from sheet to sheet. Due to the post-consumer waste fiber content, a slight variation in the shade of the paper may also occur.

How do I plant seed paper?

Soak in water for 24-48 hours.
Transfer to a pot with compost, water regularly. Alternatively, keep submerged in water until the seeds start sprouting.
Keep in a warm place with natural light.
Don’t let dry out and don’t overwater.
Enjoy your blooms!

How long does seed paper last?

Seed paper should be planted within 2 years for best germination results. It may still grow beyond this time, but the growth rates will decrease. Store in a cool, dry place to preserve the germination rates as long as possible.

What is included when I purchase invitations?

When buying invitations, the price includes the main invitation and a matching recycled kraft envelope. Inserts (RSVP, Additional Information and others) as well as RSVP envelopes can be included at an extra cost. Printing guest names and/or addresses comes with an additional fee as well.

Are placecards personalised with my guest names?

Yes, personalisation with guest names is included in the price.

Can I use a pen to write on your papers?

Most pens write well on all our papers, including ballpoint, rollerball and calligraphy markers. We recommend you test on a small area first.

What kind of inks do you use?

We use water based inks which will not damage the seeds or affect the paper's biodegradable properties.

When is the best time to plant seed paper?

The short answer is spring, however we recommend you do a bit of research as it can vary by areas due to seasons and temperatures. Seed paper can be planted indoors at any time of the year, making sure it gets plenty of natural light. We recommend planting our papers in pots.