Top tips on sustainable wedding games

Top tips on sustainable wedding games

Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life. Clearly, you’ve got everything planned to make sure it is perfect, you get to wear the dress of your dreams, beautiful jewelry and choose all the amazing decoration but sometimes we could get so caught up in the moment focusing on the details such as the music, food, and good décor and we end up missing the entertaining part for the guests.

Don’t worry about it because we’ve got a solution: wedding games.

Wedding games are so popular and fascinating, we tend to forget the amount of waste they produce. The average wedding produces 400-600lbs of trash and wedding games play a big part since most of the material its only used one time and then end up in the bin. If you care for the planet and are looking for eco-wedding ideas, implementing sustainable games is the best option for you to keep your guests delighted while you also take care of the earth.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your wedding games eco-friendly, you’re in the right place. We’ve got you a list of some sustainable wedding games that guests from any age can play:

 Corn Hole

If your wedding is happening outdoors, this game is a must! Plus, you can personalize it based on your wedding theme.

 Time for wishes

You can use an eco-friendly creative surface (like a decorated cardboard) that can suit for the big day décor and make your guests write beautiful just-married wishes.


There are two types of Jenga that you can include in your wedding. The first is the classic Jenga (the normal size) which many couples use as an alternative to the signature book and the second option is the giant Jenga, which everyone can play during the welcome cocktail or before the banquet, so that guests can begin to interact, get comfy and demonstrate their skills. Surely you already imagine who will be the most meticulous guest and who will be the clumsiest, right?

 Fun wheel

Spinning the wedding wheel will make everyone perform the listed activities, like showing your best dance moves, showing off your date, making the bride and groom kiss, among other activities. In this way, the whole night will be beautifully spent.

 The Shoe Game

This one is so fun. The just-married couple take a seat back-to-back in front of all the guests. Each one has their own shoe and the other from their couple. The host is in charge of asking questions such as “who made the first move?” “who said I love you first?” “who is the better cook” and the couple has to answer the questions simultaneously by raising the shoe that coincides with their answer.


Much more than a singing contest or a game, karaoke can be a great dynamic to keep the party going and will guarantee you great laughs, just picture it, some will try to fine tune on stage and others will spend a lot of time selecting from the thousands of songs they’ll hit. Your guests will go home with a very good taste in their mouths because of the fun closure they put on your party.

Since wedding games are the natural way to encourage interaction with the family and guests on your big day, you will love to add them to your planning, these fun games will make it memorable. If you don’t want to cause any harm to nature, the above-mentioned options of sustainable wedding games are the best choice to host your wedding.

Let’s care for our planet, be part of the sustainable movement.

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