Sustainable wedding rings

Sustainable wedding rings

There are several ways to get engaged, with couples coming up with new and novel twists on the traditional every day, be it songs, artworks or even a tattoo. The ring however remains the classic symbol of an engagement. For an age-old tradition, there is always a changing demand that the industry seeks to keep up with, sizes, shapes, cuts and colours all move in and out of fashion. 

Diamonds have developed a bad reputation over recent years, particularly after movies such as Blood Diamond really demonstrated the impact of illicit diamond mining in Africa and customers are now looking for extra benefits, something they know will carry a sustainable message in line with their growing eco-consciousness. 

Who would have thought that a little ring could carry so much weight? According to the World Gold Council, in 2019 each metric ton of gold produced last year brought with it more than 32,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. We are also becoming more aware of the contamination of heavy metals in our own body, and thanks to all the existing information in other sectors, the jewelry industry can also spread the need to eliminate the use of mercury and other contaminants to avoid the pollution across the earth.

Businesses are listening, and the industry started to produce sustainable rings and are now a trend. So here are some alternatives you can use if you’re looking for a way to keep it green:

Wooden Rings

Why wood? Well, if wood is obtained in a sustainable way, such as fallen branches, trees, and wood debris it makes it 100% ethical adding the fact that it is renewable and can grow again. Other benefits include the absence of allergies as it is a natural product and can naturally adorn any outfit you wear while adding a touch of naturalness and elegance to your style. They are made in an artisanal way this means that pieces are made one by one guaranteeing that all of them are unique. In addition to being an accessory that does not go out of fashion because wood is timeless making you look authentic.

Ethical diamond alternatives

If you love the sparkle of the diamonds but you are also looking for an environmentally friendly jewel, there are some ethical alternatives similar to a real diamond. These artificial and colorless gems do neither have the same environmental and social consequences that mined diamonds have nor the chemical and crystal properties that diamonds created in laboratories contain. Plus, in many cases they are less expensive than those created in lab or natural diamonds.  Some of these options are: Cubic Zirconia, Moissonite or Asha.

Sustainable diamonds

The advantages of the production and use of sustainable diamonds continue to be discovered, one of the main ones is that these pieces tend to have a lower price than natural ones. This does not mean that they are of lower quality or value, these pieces are indistinguishable from natural ones and more importantly, free from humanitarian exploitation and environmental consequences. These diamonds are certified by gemological institutes, ensuring the quality and value of the gem, which can easily reach the value of a natural diamond. The number of companies that are added to the process or use of these laboratory diamonds are increasing. Recognized brands such as Swarovski, Bvlgari and, Cartier, produce the most amazing jewels with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, etc., accompanied by 18k gold worth of value, without losing quality and prestige.

If using an ethical and ecological ring will make you start this new chapter of your life at peace, don’t doubt it twice and choose whatever option you prefer but make sure you buy and show what you stand for.

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