Sustainable wedding breakfast

Sustainable wedding breakfast

A sustainable wedding breakfast is not just about the crockery set that you are planning to use but also about the food options that you must have on your menu. Going green is way easier than you think.

Before we start, let’s face the fact that the most remarkable moment for (most) of the guests is the wedding banquet. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just an aperitif, if your desire is to impress your guests in the name of sustainability, there are plenty of ideas for an environmental wedding reception.


The first one is to trust the chef, but always pay attention to the raw materials that will be used. Always choose dishes for your eco-wedding in which you can use local and seasonal products and if possible, also organic products. Not only will it reduce the CO2 emissions of your wedding even more, but we are sure that your guests will be excited about it. For a banquet that will earn you more green points, you can choose dishes made with vegetarian ingredients.


The second tip we have is to put special attention to the quantities you serve. Around 3.3 billion tons of food waste are linked to CO2 emissions. So, if you’re looking to be part of the zero-waste movement, look for a way to reduce the number of dishes or their abundance during your eco-wedding. I know you’re wondering how can I do that? Again, we tell you to trust the chef, steer clear of buffets and aim smaller on your plating sizes – most people will leave food at the table anyway.


What if, despite all the effort, there is still food left? An original idea could be to have ecological bags, perhaps personalized, in which the guests can take a culinary souvenir of the party, like to-go food. How awesome? Another option is that you can find out if there is a friend or relative that knows an association that accepts food donations, a donation that will undoubtedly have even more impact to your wedding, making it super sustainable.


The green wedding banquet is related to the theme you’ve chosen for the wedding. Your wedding venue (especially if it has eco credentials) should be able to advise upon options, however using recommendations will avoid the requirement to build custom table covers and centerpieces. Reusing what has already been used will remind you of the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle and also make a good impression. As a centerpiece, think of natural elements, not plastic or objects that could become waste. How about plants that guests can take home with them after your eco-wedding? As for the plates, glasses, and cutlery, whether you have chosen a catering or a restaurant, they will undoubtedly be reusable. If you want a more vintage appeal, there are many businesses that will rent vintage and bohemian crockery which adds a special look to your wedding day. For an ecological wedding banquet choose a biodegradable tableware (like bamboo plates and cutlery) because it will have two benefits, you will not only respect the nature that welcomes you, but you will reduce the cleaning time since they can be thrown away along with the rest of the garbage and make it compostable.

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