Eco friendly wedding photoshoot

Eco friendly wedding photoshoot

The world is irreversibly changing because of human intervention and that is why we must be aware and recognize the impact we cause in our daily actions.

Photography, unfortunately, is a discipline that has not been very respectful of the environment. Both the old and the current manufacturing processes of digital cameras have caused great effects on our planet mainly because of the toxic chemicals they contain: mercury and leach lead.


However, it is possible to be a photographer and be much more respectful of the environment. In this article we are going to give you some tips so that you are aware of everything you can do for your wedding photoshoot while being eco-friendly. Even knowing that you can use your example to contribute to global awareness so others can follow it too.


    Is it necessary to travel for the photoshoot?

    Sometimes it seems that we need to travel to a unique place to have spectacular shots.

    We have believed in the myth that only by traveling you get good photos, and, with this, we have also contributed to worsening our ecological footprint. If we want to be more careful with the environment, we will have to start reducing, above all, air travel. Any unnecessary travel that pollutes should be avoided but traveling by plane is the most expendable of all.

     Learn to seek beauty in your own environment, because what you usually see is exotic for people on the other side of the world. In addition, looking for something interesting and finding it will be a challenge for you and that is precisely what photography consists of, in turning the everyday into extraordinary.


    Is it necessary that the photographer comes with lots of equipment?

    No! The manufacture of photographic equipment damages the environment due to the use of certain types of raw materials and the chemical processes that are carried out. So if the photographers can reduce or delay the acquisition or update of new materials, they will help to alleviate the ecological tension on our planet.

     If the photographers use vintage cameras, it’s an excellent sign because reusing is always better than buying, this way we avoid photographic material that is stored without use or that it ends up being thrown in a landfill.


    Want your wedding pictures in natural places?

    If you are going to take photos in a natural environment, first make sure you or your photographer are familiar with the area and its restrictions. Be very respectful of the flora and fauna of the place, do not spoil plants, or pluck flowers and, above all, do not disturb the creatures that inhabit the place.

    If you discover a wonderful corner that no one else knows about, don’t tell anyone. Unfortunately, if a site becomes fashionable there will be people who will go and not respect it and, in the end, they will only manage to destroy it. The best thing you can do to protect that special place forever is to keep its location a secret.


    We hope these tips are of help if you want to have a sustainable wedding photoshoot and remember, your actions can change the world!

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