Eco-friendly wedding dresses

Eco-friendly wedding dresses

‘Eco-friendly wedding dresses’- Did you know such a thing existed? There are a number of ways to make your wedding dress eco-friendly, they can be made from either reused or sustainable materials that have low or no impact at all on the environment.

Brides are becoming more concerned with knowing the origin of their bridal dresses. A beautiful and original design is no longer enough. Brides want to know how and where their dresses were made and it’s 100% understandable considering the impact of fast fashion in the world.
If you want to wear an eco-friendly dress and look fabulous, then you have come to the right place.

Vintage or Second Hand wedding dresses

Vintage wedding dresses are on trend right now and it’s your perfect fit if you are attracted to designs from bygone eras. Designs can be modified to suit your personality. Buying second-hand dresses is not only ethical, but if the size matches with yours, it will be almost ready to be used, and as a bonus, it saves you the time of the fitting. The advantage of these types of dresses is that they are cheaper, which is ideal if you plan to allocate a large part of the budget to another party of the wedding.

Another alternative is to recover old pieces with family history. You can modernize an heirloom and turn it into the wedding dress of your dreams. Remember, also, that any dressmaker can adjust it to your body so that it fits you well.

Custom-made wedding dresses

Custom made wedding dresses are expensive, and not always eco-focussed, but by using local manufacturing you can add a piece of eco to your bespoke journey. dresses made in a shop of your country and being tailor-made are perfect to create a unique dress in detail, especially if you want to incorporate lace or knitted fabrics. Without any doubt, you will get a very exclusive piece that will ensure a lower expenditure of fabrics, as well as greater value and undeniable durability.

Wedding dresses made from ecological fabric 

To make these types of wedding dresses organic, natural, vegetable, recycled and biodegradable fabric are used. Some examples are, natural fibers of plant origin such as organic linen, silk and cotton, hemp cloth, bamboo cloth, or recycled polyester fibers made from PET bottles and other collected plastic materials at sea.

In addition, in many cases the materials have official certifications from Forest Stewardship Council and Global Recycled Standard to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the purchase. Plus, in terms of dyes, the use of natural ones made with ingredients from nature are seeds, leaves or plants.

Rent a wedding dress

We know many people like to buy their own wedding dress, but when you consider the time this is worn for it is a significant investment.  Another idea for reusable pieces is to search for wedding dress rentals. There are stores where you will be able to find what you are looking for while it ensures you the quality of the dress. It is a way to use designs in an accessible way and it also helps you adjust your expenses of the bridal budget.

Besides from the above-mentioned options, you can look for brands that take initiative to make eco-friendly wedding dresses.

Keeping it sustainable for your wedding is not at all complicated especially when you opt for a designed eco-friendly wedding dress and remember you are what you wear.

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